Trend firm reveals that the top trends to look out for next year will bring a host of new opportunities. Its "10 Consumer Trends for 2010" shows that cautious consumers will be looking for pragmatic or exciting innovations.

A summary of 2010's trends is:
* Business as unusual: Forget the recession: the societal changes that will dominate 2010 were set in motion long before we temporarily stared into the abyss. And even when the downturn ends, there won't be a return to "business as usual".
* Urbany: Extreme urbanisation will lead to more sophisticated and demanding consumers around the world.
* Realtime reviews: Whatever new product or service gets launched in 2010, it will be reviewed in realtime. Transparency tyranny (or triumph) is upon us.
* (F)Luxury: With status symbols becoming more fragmented, luxury is whatever consumers want it to be in 2010.
* Mass mingling: Online lifestyles are actually fueling real world meet-ups, shattering all predictions about a virtual and socially isolated future.
* Eco-easy: In 2010, corporations and governments will force consumers to be more green by restricting the alternatives. Say goodbye to consumer choice.
* Tracking and alerting: Tracking and alerting are the new search. Next year, consumers will further expand their sphere of control.
* Embedded generosity: Generosity as a trend will further adapt to the zeitgeist, leading to more pragmatic and collaborative charity.
* Profile myning: With hundreds of millions of people now nurturing their online profiles, 2010 will be about consumers making money from these profiles, from intention-based models to digital afterlife services.
* Maturialism: 2010 will be even more opinionated, outspoken and raw than 2009; thank the anything-goes online world for that. Which brands will be equally daring?