Huge Telecom has signed an agreement with CMC Networks to provide a comprehensive set of converged services to South African businesses.
CMC Networks is one of only five Tier One ISP’s in South Africa and have been providing corporate South Africa with solutions for 20 years.

Huge Telecom’s product & business development director, Vincent Mokholo, points out that CMC is one of the best below-the-line providers in the South African ISP space, as they provide IP solutions for numerous corporations over their global MPLS network and have 40 points of presence in South Africa and internationally.
“We are extremely impressed with their capabilities, and their global reach,” he says.
“We are completely customer and quality centric,” explains CMC’s MD, Anton Starling when asked why they have traditionally chosen to focus on the top-end of the business spectrum.
Mokholo explains that the partnership with CMC allows Huge Telecom to leverage CMC’s high quality network to the benefit of new and existing clients. “We are able to use CMC to supply a full range of converged services to businesses throughout South Africa.  Where we don’t have technicians, CMC do."
Mokholo adds that Huge Telecom is bringing a range of traditionally high-end services into the reach of ordinary South African businesses. He believes 2010 will bring sharp growth in the uptake of converged services in South Africa.
“To date we have faced many challenges in delivering IP-based solutions to customers,” he explains, “not least of which has been the exorbitant costs of national and international bandwidth.”  
Although these prices still have a long way to fall before South Africa’s broadband even remotely resembles that of first world countries, he is confident that the tide is slowly turning in South African telecommunications and that there are great things in store.
Not long ago Huge announced similar partnerships with VoIP provider, ECN, and with NGN, which provides a fax-to-email platform.