HP South Africa has ended a seven-month search for a new leader, with the appointment of Frank van Rees as the company's new MD and enterprise business lead.

Van Rees, who currently leads the Enterprise Business sales team in the Netherlands, will take up his new position from 11 January 2010.
He tells IT-Online that the position is an international assignment and that he expects to pass the post on to a South African MD within three years.
Van Rees is a native of the Netherlands and has been largely based there during his 15-year career in IT, apart from brief stints in Eastern Europe and the Caribbean.
In his latest position at HP Netherlands, leading Enterprise Business sales, he was responsible for about 200 employees. Before that, he headed up the country's services operation, a team of about 1 200 people, and focusing on growing services revenues.
HP Netherlands employes about 1 500 people and brings in revenues of about 3%  of HP's global turnover.
Van Rees brings a wealth of expertise in sales, marketing and services, as well as international best practices, to his role in South Africa.
"My experience will help HP South Africa grow and implement best practices, and the goal is to hand over to a local MD," he says.
Van Rees's assignment is for about one-and-a-half to three years, depending on how quickly the local organisation can be turned around and new MD identified.
The previous MD of HP South Africa, Oliver Fortuin, quit just eight months after his appointment to succeed Thoko Mokgosi-Mwantembe. Financial director Gois Fouche has been acting-MD in the interim.