The German Climate Computing Centre (DKRZ) has unveiled the world's latest – and one of the biggest – supercomputer, an IBM p575 Power6 cluster codenamed "Blizzard".

Coming in at a cost of 35-million Euros, the new high-performance computing cluster is water-cooled and boasts 16 dual core CPUs per node.
In total, it boasts 264 nodes with 8 448 cores between them.
It has 18,8GFlops per core, for a total peak performance of 158 Teraflops.
It has a 20 Terabyte memory and a 3 Petabyte file system – which will be increased by another 3 Petabytes next year.
In terms of bandwidth, it boasts 16 Gigabytes node-to-node over 25,4km of Infiniband cables.
The new supercomputer will be used for climate research.