The second international Ravage of the Planet conference will be held in Gordon’s Bay in South Africa from 15 to 17 December this year.

The conference, hosted by the Wessex Institute of Technology and co-organised by the CSIR, focuses on the sustainable development of natural resources to protect the future of the planet.
According to the organisers, there is currently worldwide a search for future sources of energy and materials: “The aggressiveness of this quest is such that the future of our planet is in the balance. The process is compounded by the pernicious effects of the resulting pollution.”
The conference will be transdisciplinary with the objective of reaching sustainability by collaboration across different disciplines: “The aim of this conference is to take stock of our situation and try to facilitate constructive principles and policies for a way forward.”
According to CSIR principal researcher Dr Nebo Jovanovic the conference programme so far covers topics ranging from the humanities and the role of philosophy in science, to political and social issues, safety, health risks, new technologies, learning from nature, ecology, energy, water resources, air and soil.
As part of the conference, CSIR water researchers will present a special session on selected South African water issues such as the salinisation problem in the Berg River catchment, an Excel-based index (PestEX) for environmental mobility of pesticides in water resources and the in-situ nitrate removal from groundwater to improve water supply to rural communities.