Informatica has achieved SWIFTReady Messaging Data Services (MDS) label certification from the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT). The certification was achieved for the Informatica Platform. 

The SWIFTReady MDS label is one of the most technically advanced solution categories defined by SWIFT. This label focuses on SWIFT message transformation and validation in any environment and architecture.
Informatica B2B Data Exchange passed the entire battery of MDS technical qualification tests with either 99% or 100% accuracy in each of the criteria on the first attempts.
SWIFTReady certification demonstrates the ability of Informatica B2B Data Exchange and B2B Data Transformation to support legacy SWIFT versions, automate compliance with new SWIFT versions, transition to SWIFT MX, and support the transformation of all SWIFT messages with quality-assured syntactic and semantic validation.
Financial institutions that use Informatica to automate data integration with their SWIFT Alliance interface gain numerous benefits:
*  50% or more reduction in SWIFT messaging development and maintenance costs through a SWIFT library of pre-built transformation rules.
*  Accelerated onboarding of customer data from weeks to days by integrating customer data in any proprietary format into SWIFT.
* SWIFT interoperability with other financial standards including EDI X-12, EDIFACT, Telekurs, FpML, BAI, FIX, CREST and NACHA, in any type of architecture (legacy, SOA, proprietary) and across multiple environments (EAI, ESB, DI).
* High-performance integration of large batch files and high volumes of realtime messages inside or outside of the enterprise.
*  Ensured compliance with new SWIFT versions months before the new SWIFT standard is in production.
“Passing the MDS technical qualification tests with 99% and 100% accuracy on the first try is an impressive achievement,” says Eric Meirlaen, senior partner manager at SWIFT. “Through certification, Informatica has demonstrated both its technical ability and its r commitment to supporting the SWIFT network and helping to extend its reach and value.”
"SWIFT certification is the latest in a series of SWIFT-related activities by Informatica this year, including our partnering with SWIFT on a joint offering for SWIFT Alliance Lite and teaming with Intel to support customers using SWIFT in service-oriented architectures,” says Girish Pancha, executive VP, Data Integration Products, Informatica.
“We are committed to partnering with SWIFT to the largest possible set of customers: big and small, banks and corporations. With this new certification, customers can be assured that they can reduce the risk of SWIFT message errors, and the associated costs they can incur.”