MXit has launched in Mexico, adding to its global subscriber base of more than 17-million young adults. 

It has developed new features aimed specifically at providing Mexican users with relevant content and mobile communications that cost a fraction of the price of sending text messages.
“Our growth in specific markets, and around the world, is dependent on user recommendations, and MXit’s ability to innovate accordingly.  We understand that users need to be excited about a mobile social network in order to recommend it, so we place relevance to market, innovation and creativity as the cornerstone of our business,” says Juan du Toit, international marketing manager for MXit.
Globally, MXit grows by about 25 000 to 28 000 users per day and processes approximately 250-million messages daily. Its international user base has doubled in the last year.
MXit offers its global users cost-effective one-on-one instant messaging, social networking within mobile communities, as well as the latest interactive mobile content, including virtual games, themed chat rooms, free content and interactive artificial intelligence characters. It adapts these features to suit the demographics, culture and language of each country it expands to.
“We have targeted Mexico in our international expansion plan as we felt the country was ready for an evolved and cost-effective mobile social network. Around 70% of the Mexican market engage with social networks, so it makes sense to offer these users a mobile application that expands their experience while lowering the cost of communicating on a mobile phone,” says Du Toit.