Intel has launched its new 2010 Intel Core family of processors, which take computing beyond the PC and into a variety of new devices.

During the launch at the International Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, i9t debuted more than 25 new Intel Core processors and chipsets for laptops, PCs and embedded devices such as bank ATMs, travel ticket kiosks and self check-out machines, digital ads and signs, medical equipment communications gear and more.
“The 2010 Intel Core family of processors is revolutionary in that it includes smart technology which will completely change the way in which we interact with technology,” says Videsha Proothveerajh, country manager of Intel South Africa.
The Intel Turbo Boost Technology enables your laptop or PC to dynamically adjust its performance to the individual’s workload, which allows for much more efficient use of the processor. “It literally boosts your processor’s performance when certain computer software needs it most.” The Intel Smart Cache has an integrated memory controller which allows for more efficient data storage. “We are also seeing much greater performance and improved battery life,” says Proothverajh.
For multi-taskers requiring a number of applications at one time, the Intel Hyper-Threading technology delivers the ability to do multiple things at once on one computer.
“The 2010 Intel Core family of processors does not only focus on the PC or laptop,” says Proothverajh. International trends show that personal computing is breaking the boundaries of these traditional technologies. “Computing is everywhere, covering nearly every kind of electronic device from netbooks, smartphones, consumer electronics devices and connected embedded technology such as bank ATMs,” she says.
“We have unveiled more than 25 new Intel Core chipsets and processors, ensuring that deliver on the vision that was painted at CES two years ago – a seamless personalised experience tailored to individuals’ interests, needs and social networks that will deliver the information, entertainment and experiences people want – whenever, however and wherever."