Cyberoam iView, the open source logging and reporting solution is now available in appliance form, delivering a cost-effective solution to SMBs.

The launch brings to customers a series of three appliances to begin with, catering to the logging-reporting requirements of SMBs and enterprises having up to 200 branch offices.
The Cyberoam iView appliances offer single point logging-reporting of all network devices, delivering a comprehensive view of network activity across geographical locations. With a cost-effective, pre-loaded hardware device that holds terabyte-storage space, the appliances are quick-to-deploy and easy-to-manage. Using RAID technology, these appliances offer redundancy and high levels of storage reliability, ensuring the safety of logs-reports in case of hard disk failure.
Says Abhilash Sonwane, vice-president: product management at Cyberoam: “Until recently, SMBs had to struggle with individual logs and reports of multiple devices to view their combined network activity. This significantly slowed down their response time, raising security and data risks, while increasing technical manpower costs. With the Cyberoam-iView appliance launch, we are addressing three critical requirements of SMBs – cost-effectiveness, single point network visibility and an easy- to-manage solution.”
The launch of the Cyberoam iView appliance comes on the heels of growing SMB-enterprise demand for dedicated logging-reporting solutions that offer visibility into user activity across distributed networks while meeting regulatory compliance requirements. The market for this segment, popularly known as Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) is estimated to be worth $1,3-billion growing annually at over 25%.
The Cyberoam iView appliance enables organizations to gain complete visibility into network activity with real-time security and access reports related to top virus attacks, spam recipients, web users and more, reinforcing organization-wide network security and data confidentiality. The appliance also offers archiving to meet forensic requirements.
Adds Sonwane: “With Cyberoam iView appliances, our channel partners can look forward to meeting the logging-reporting requirements of customers for a range of network devices that most often include UTM appliances, firewalls and web proxies. With the involvement of the open source community, we will continue to add logging-reporting of a growing number of network devices, servers, databases and operating systems to Cyberoam-iView.”