The idea that the festive season and early in the New Year are not conducive to securing work is not entirely accurate. Job seekers have the opportunity to engage with proactive businesses that are ready to recruit and fill vacant positions.

This is the view of Teryl Schroenn, CEO at Accsys, who says companies are interested in recruitment now, in being able to secure placements early in the New Year.
According to Schroenn the general perception active recruitment slows down during these traditionally ‘quieter’ periods is changing.
Those ready to enter the marketplace can do well to ‘play their cards right’ and take advantage of early positioning.
“For example, quieter periods may afford job seekers the opportunity to meet directly with senior personnel and decision makers. A carefully constructed and well thought out and presented curriculum vitae can bypass many restrictions and competition and secure interviews,” says Schroenn. “It is always best to remember that the small things count, especially when the rules of engagement are different.”
To illustrate Schroenn advises that a post-interview ‘thank you’ mail or note will help one ‘stand out in the crowd’. Additionally, a well scribed covering letter that effectively describes the synergy between the applicant and the company is useful.
It demonstrates that the applicant has done his or her research and is genuinely interested in the position advertised.
“It is all about taking advantage of the timing, of being proactive, of effective self promotion,” adds Schroenn.
“There is no doubt that people like to start a new year the right way and might be more focused, but starting early in the new year might also mean that they are short staffed and don’t run programs until everybody is back in the office. It is always about value-add, about being effective quickly.”