Staying one step ahead in the property game is now easier for all South Africans with the launch of Evaluate, South Africa’s first mobile property valuation service that provides instant property value estimates to any cell phone via SMS.

A fraction of the price of a traditional home valuation, Evaluate costs R30 per SMS, giving buyers and sellers alike an unbiased and informative estimate of a property’s value. Finding out your property’s estimated current market value is as easy as SMSing the word ‘FIND’ and the property’s ‘ADDRESS’ (number, street name, suburb and town) to 32545.
You'll instantly know what the last selling price of the property was, when it was sold, its estimated current market value, as well as an indication of possible high and low end price range. If this full valuation on the property is not possible, Evaluate returns a quick suburb summary – showing the most recent highest, lowest and average values achieved in the area for a nominal charge of just R1.00. If the address cannot be found then there is no charge. (Standard SMS rates do apply)
Available to everyone nationwide, anytime and anywhere, Evaluate is an easy way to prepare for making an offer on a dream home, comparing your home’s value to listed properties’ in the area, or simply finding out how much that house down the street or at your ideal holiday destination is worth.
Evaluate draws on data from Deed's Office registrations – the directory of all property transactions – and the proven property market expertise of the South African Transfer Guide (SAPTG).
The tool is modeled specifically for the South African property market, with all its ups and downs and anomalies considered. You are given a confidence rating with the SMS report which indicates the likelihood of the predictions being accurate, based on algorithms and logical calculations and looking at all the available data. A medium confidence rating means that reality should be within 10% of that prediction SMSed through.