The uptake of international capacity has far exceeded Neotel's forecasts, demonstrating that there is still a pent-up need among South African companies and individuals.

"This bodes well for any new international capacity, such as that of EASSy (the Eastern African Submarine System),” says Dr Angus Hay, executive head: technology at Neotel. “The demand for this international capacity has been much higher than anticipated, which proves there is a definite need for all the international cables.”
To date, Neotel has provided clients with capacity from SAT-3/SAFE and Seacom.
"We have been adding capacity on SAT-3 rapidly, in addition to ongoing Seacom sales," says Hay. “With EASSy expected to land in July, we forecast that the additional capacity on that route will be taken up just as quickly.
"As a local company providing global access, we are the only South African telecoms company that offers connectivity through all the country’s major international submarine cable systems –SAT-3/SAFE and Seacom, soon EASSy (East Africa), and later WACS (West Africa),” says Hay.
"This heralds a new age of bandwidth competition, access and affordability for Africa to aggressively compete on the world stage. More cables will increase the available international bandwidth, as well as the level of reliability of international links."