Teraco Data Environments' second vendor neutral data centre has gone live in Isando, Johannesburg.

Coming one year after the Cape Town facility went live, the new Johannesburg centre was originally scheduled to open end February 2010 but was brought forward to meet customer demand for a vendor-neutral facility providing flexibility and choice.
Teraco Johannesburg will become a central node to several of the new national telecoms networks that are currently being rolled out, reflecting the growing competition within the telecoms market. Clients had already started commissioning equipment within the data centre last week.
The data centre's location in Isando was selected as it places it among the fibre rings of most of the major licensed carriers in South Africa, including Telkom, Neotel, Vodacom and Dark Fibre Africa.
The facility's power is on, acceptance tests on the UPS and generators are complete, and the cooling and fire suppression systems are operational and in final testing.
The data centre has been secured, with monitoring systems installed and undergoing final commissioning and the carrier connectivity from several fibre network providers is now available.
Telkom is currently installing its node and will be commissioning it next week, and contractors are now focusing on finishing external work, office areas and staff facilities.
"Our customers are fast-tracking their networks to get to market. They depend on Teraco to provide the location, so we worked with our contractors to be able to deliver the project ahead of schedule," says Lex van Wyk, MD of Teraco.