Licence to Learn (L2L) has announced that it no longer distributes the Adobe software product range.

This choice was made following internal decisions taken by Adobe Systems Incorporated affecting L2L in such a way that the most sensible business decision to take, was to stop distribution to the South African channel.
L2L was the pioneer distributor of Adobe educational products in South Africa. In the past L2L offered Commercial, Educational and Government solutions, available through the entire Adobe product range, through licensing, full box, educational and student box offerings. A dispute with Adobe International regarding restrictions Adobe South Africa historically placed on L2L, prompted the distributor to make decisions that impacts its future.
“For more than three years we dedicated our time and efforts to the Adobe product range and managed to grow their revenue substantially through the South African channel,” says Hennie Badenhorst, managing member of L2L.
“We value the support we have been given by the industry and our reseller partners, and we look forward to grow our business in other areas and with other products."
Moving forward, L2L will be developing a new strategy and focus on areas within the technology sector.