Having recently announced the upcoming availability of inflight Internet connectivity, Wireless-G has set the pricing at an affordable level.

Carel van der Merwe, CEO of WirelessG, says: “At this stage our business model predicts estimated pricing of between 50c and 90c per Mb for G-Connect customers. Pricing for integrated partners is still to be investigated.”
He adds that G-Connect does not require users to sign any contracts, and offers prepaid 3G, WiFi and ADSL from one easy-to-manage account.
"Users will never lose what they don’t use. Not only will your G-Connect account be available for in-flight use, but you will also have access to 3G, WiFi and ADSL on the ground from the same shared wallet.”
The suggested pricing compares favourably to standard out-of-bundle data rates from South African cellular providers.
WirelessG has entered into an exclusive agreement for the African continent with US-based Row44, which currently supplies in-flight WiFi to Southwest Airlines and Alaska Airlines. It aims to have the first Internet-equipped commercial aircraft in the air within a year.