Spescom has entered into a strategic partnership with NewTelco GmbH to create NewTelco South Africa – a carrier-neutral co-location services provider.

The new company takes advantage of telecoms liberalisation in South Africa and offers those local, regional and international carriers with a presence, or wanting to establish a presence, in South Africa an independent telecoms hub.
Because the co-location centre is carrier-neutral, users are free to shop around among carriers present in the centre and find the one that best meets their requirements.
They are not restricted by the limited services that any one carrier may provide.
This will remove any commercial bias that may exist in a carrier owned centre.
NewTelco South Africa is set to launch into full operation in the second quarter of 2010.
Says Thomas Makore, of Spescom: "More than 80% of the voice traffic generated on the African continent goes through South Africa.
This new facility will offer local, regional and international carriers a fast, cost-efficient, carrier grade, reliable point of presence (PoP) in South Africa to switch customer traffic seamlessly and inexpensively in the region and provide a transparent connection to international destinations."
Makore adds: "Carrier neutral co-location essentially provides carriers with a telecoms hub or 'market place' where they interconnect with any other carrier who has a presence in that market place.
Interconnections are unrestricted and incoming carriers are not compelled to make these interconnects via secondary, usually expensive, hubs as was previously the case.
In addition, co-location provider NewTelco South Africa, leaves the negotiation of interconnect fees to the carriers themselves, without influencing them in any way."
NewTelco GmbH has five other neutral carrier co-location hubs in major world centres: Frankfurt, London, New York, Vienna and Kiev.
Matthias Hartman of NewTelco GmbH comments: "With the arrival of deregulation, more international carriers, small and large, will be looking to establish a point of presence (PoP) in South Africa, effectively building a platform for their customers to interconnect directly with those using the services of local carriers. Similarly, local carriers will want to switch the calls of local customers seamlessly and inexpensively to subscribers using the networks of international carriers.
"A carrier independent telecoms hub or 'market place' will drive competitiveness and give local and international carriers the flexibility to exploit the growing telecoms market."
Makore says New Telco SA will not compete with existing network providers.
"It offers a complementary value added service. The company will initially target regional and international carriers and second tier carriers that choose not to build their own networks – for whatever reason – offering them the flexibility and choice to interconnect to other carriers at a co-location facility that is neutral, without needing to invest in equipment, real estate and engineers, and deal with installation and maintenance issues."
Spescom's Midrand premises will house the co-location business of New Telco SA.
It will be fully equipped with not only the necessary Next Generation SDH transmission equipment and STM1/STM4/STM16/STM64 ports to directly connect customers to one other, but also the backup generators, UPS' and air conditioning needed to ensure reliability and continuity.
New Telco SA will also monitor quality of service, do fault management and manage interconnect service to meet stringent service level agreements.