MusicDNA is a new download format that could become the successor to MP3. It allows digital music to include additional content that could even be updated in the future.

It is an enhanced, unified media format that combines audio with extensible metadata that includes audio analysis, manual annotations, business intelligence and virtually any type of additional multimedia.
MusicDNA-enabled files contain a far greater number of descriptors than standard digital audio files, so music to be tagged with a wide range of attributes ranging from tempo, instrumentation, mood and even colour, this metadata creates new options for search, recommendation and playlist generation.
MusicDNA analysis is an automated process that analyses the characteristics (DNA) of an audio file, regardless of its format and creates a set of consistent, highly specific semantic audio metadata.
For instance,
fans would be able to download an MP3 file on to their computer, along with the additional content. The bands, retailers or agents could then send updates to that file when there is new information available, or links to social networking could be sent.
Users would be able to choose how much information they wanted to receive.
Importantly, the additional content and any updates would only be available on legitimate downloads.
The MusicDNA technology was developed by Norwegian company Bach Technology.