As Softline enters its third decade of providing much needed business management software solutions to SMEs, CEO Ivan Epstein is upbeat about 2010, anticipating the start of a decade that will see more growth and prosperity.

“South Africa is a great place to be right now.  Thanks to the 2010 FIFA World Cup and also movies such as Invictus, this continues to profile South Africa on centre stage.  I am hoping that these initiatives will encourage positive sentiments towards our country, thus shifting negative perceptions towards a more positive one,” says Epstein.
“As a proudly South African brand and business, we have seen the potential in this country and have enjoyed success as a result,” he adds. “Despite the trying economic conditions the world experienced last year, South Africa’s economy had a lag effect in terms of what it experienced. We hope and believe that all the initiatives, positive sentiments and increased activity within South Africa this year will result in a positive economic stimulus.”
Epstein says that he is looking forward to more positive growth this year, and has exciting plans to launch new products and services within Softline. Despite these new plans, he says that a key focus area is, and always will be, to increase the customer experience.  “We are committed to ensuring that existing and new customers will always have an extraordinary experience when dealing with any of the Softline brands.
According to Epstein, there are five principles which sum up the key attributes that will assist Softline to best serve its customers: simplicity, trust, integrity, innovation and agility: “At Softline we nurture a very particular culture. These principles drive everything we do – how we think, how we plan, how we make decisions, and more.  I am confident that each and every member of our team will aspire to adhere to these principles and ensure that 2010 is the year of our customers, yet again.”