With traffic congestion on numerous major roads, including the N1 highway between Pretoria and Johannesburg, companies are starting to lose business due to traveling issues. As a result, the geographical spread of many businesses has become far more limited.

Christopher Riley, MD of notebook and accessories retailer, The Notebook Company, says he has noticed a drop in business coming from Johannesburg and the surrounding areas over the past three years.
"We used to get a lot of business from Midrand, for instance, but with all the road works and traffic congestion people just take too much time to get through to our offices in Pretoria. Where it used to take them 20 minutes, it is now taking them an hour. Many people are consequently choosing to deal with suppliers who are within a comfortable driving distance.
"“Before all the road works a client could fetch a projector from us and be up and running at a presentation in Midrand within the hour. Now it is far more difficult – traffic congestion makes this almost impossible.
“Our ‘point of call’, from a business perspective, has shrunk dramatically.”
Riley adds that once the road works had been completed – and the Gautrain is operational – it could be “business as usual”. But for now, business for many companies is geographically limited, he says.