MTN is to bundle Kaspersky Mobile Security packs for new contract customers on selected  Nokia and HTC smartphone.



According to Kobus van Vuuren, MD of the specialist telecommunications security supplier Fox IT Software Solutions, mobile phones today are part of everyday life for both personal and business use.
“Today's smartphones sport major processing power and run advanced business applications that can connect to company networks in addition to traditional email and Internet capabilities," he says.
“People are beginning to realise that if their phones are not properly protected, this can lead to security vulnerabilities if the device is lost or stolen, even if it has been reported to the police and their service provider."
Teddy Maduna, senior manager: device portfolio management of MTN SA, says: “Kaspersky Lab's mobile software provides excellent protection against a wide variety of threats facing smartphone users, as MTN our customer’s safety is important to us.”
Maduna explains: “By way of example, the SMS Find functionality can locate a lost smartphone by sending an SMS with a password to the lost device, which is then linked to Google Maps to locate the exact coordinates. In addition, the anti-theft module allows the owner of the device to block access to and if necessary, delete the device’s memory simply by sending a password via SMS to the number.
"Even if the SIM card is removed, the SIM Watch module sends a hidden message notifying the owner of the new number in the smartphone.
"This function allows the subscriber to delete any data or block the phone, and assists  in tracking down the stolen device and returning it to its rightful owner,” he adds.
In addition to anti-virus, firewall and anti-spam software, Kaspersky Mobile Security 8.0 also offers a parental control component, which allows parents to restrict messages to their child's phone, such as premium rate numbers and adult content services. The SMS Find function also enables parents to determine the location of their children if their smartphones are fitted with GPS.