The IT world is abuzz with speculation about what Apple's new tablet PC – scheduled for release later today – will look. It's already pretty certain that it will share a common look and feel with the popular iPhone, and will probably herald the beginning of a slew of announcements around a new computing ecosystem the company is hoping to develop.


Yesterday, Harold McGraw, CEO of McGraw-Hill, let slip on a televised interview that the new tablet will be based on the iPhone operating system.
McGraw-Hill develops and publishes textbooks and other educational materials, many of which are already available on the iPhone.
In other reports, speculation is rife that the new tablet PC will take on the traditional gaming market.
There's no agreement yet on what the new device will be called, with the jury divided between iPad, iTablet, iSlate, iCanvas or iBook.
What isn't in question is how important Apple believes the tablet will be, with an entire ecosystem around gaming, music and video expected to develop.