Xerox grew its brand value by 1% last year to $6 431 million, despite the tough global economy, making it the 56th most valuable brand, according to Business Week and Interbrand’s annual list on the most valuable global brands.

The list is third on PR Week’s survey of the lists that CEOs consider most useful and is ranked hot on the heels of the Fortune 500 and Best Companies to Work For.
Tanya Moodley, divisional manager of group marketing at Bytes Document Solutions, says that in 2009 Xerox was one of only three to grow their brand values.
A number of factors helped Xerox reach its achievement:
* Its move to cut costs early;
* The introduction of the Xerox ColorQube and its message of a novel, environmentally friendly technology that is cleaner, less costly, and more reliable helped the company to build more relevance in its brand while the competition struggled;
* Channel partner Global Imaging Systems’ aggressive deployment of the Xerox brand; and
* The company’s unified global brand image with emotional resonance.
“Xerox’s rebranding efforts have provided great push toward a more emotionally charged message,” the report states.
Xerox is listed in the computer hardware category alongside Apple, Canon, Dell, HP, and Intel. It is the only brand in the sector without a major B2C offering or presence.
Interbrand’s report states that, as companies in the category stretch their resources, they turn their attention to the master brand and its ability to stretch across very different spaces. It further states that even B2B businesses are shifting their messages from their sophisticated technology to include those that focus on developing strong emotional connections with their audiences.
"The brand helped us to weather tough times,” says Moodley. “Today the brand is helping us to succeed and deliver value to shareholders as others shrink or disappear.”