Drive Control Corporation (DCC) is now delivering the latest portable external USB HDD range from Verbatim which boasts an impressive selection of 320BG or 640GB sizes to choose from, as well as a special Gold Anniversary Edition with 500GB of space.

Verbatim is 40 this year and, to mark the occasion, the company is releasing a limited edition gold portable external hard drive.  The resplendent gold UV coating of the Anniversary Edition houses a 500 GB 2.5" hard drive and includes easy-to-use backup and synchronosiation software.  The drive is compatible for PCs and Macs and is available in shops for a limited period.
The Dmailer backup software loaded on the Anniversary Edition is PC- and Mac-compatible. As it is an executable file, no installation is needed, which makes backing up very quick and easy for professionals and novices alike.
The Verbatim Sync software, which is also pre-loaded, supports users with reliable synchronisation of files and folders, from Microsoft Outlook or Windows mail contacts and calendar entries to documents, photos and videos. This enables users to take the content of their PCs wherever they may go and to continue to work with it on other devices while away.  The Verbatim Sync software then synchronises it on their return, ensuring that the content is fully up to date.
Says GJ Janse van Rensburg, Verbatim product specialist at DCC; "Complete with a USB 2.0 port that supplies power and ensures data transfer rates of up to 480 Megabytes per second (Mbpss), the Anniversary Edition HDD is lightweight – only 161 grams – optimising it for mobility."
The Verbatim Portable External USB HDD 2.5" drives are the same size and weight as a PDA or smartphone – and it fits equally comfortably in your hand. The portable hard drive weighs 157 g and measures 135 x 85 x 21 mm (L x W x H). The 640GB HDD is capable of storing up to 1280 videos, 160 000 songs or 290 000 photos.
Adds Janse van Rensburg: "The external hard drives deliver transfer speeds of up to 480 Mbit/s (5,400 rpm) via the USB port, which also provides the power supply, eliminating the need for an additional power pack. For a complete solution these drives ship with 'Nero BackItUp 4 Essentials' for secure and regular data backups."
Verbatim's pledge is to combine high storage capacities with a stylish appearance. With these new hard drives, Verbatim have succeeded in creating a lot of memory without having to compromise the slimline and classy design.