The gaming fraternity has become synonymous with high-end computing.

Whether in a desktop or notebook format these awesome machines incorporate super-charged processing, fans, cooling, graphic accelerators aesthetics and visual rendering to boot.
As a result, gamers are also well-educated and in a nutshell, know exactly what they want from their 'machines'.  The best is often not good enough which means vendors have to continue to innovate to keep quenching the thirst of their gaming supporters.
Vendors that have their targets firmly set on the gaming industry are Dell and Philips. Both bona fide players in their own right, providing solutions that meet the demands of a wide audience, they also provide technology that will set most gaming blogs alight with excitement.
In the case of Dell, the company's recently released its Dell Studio 17, Dell XPS 16 and Alienware MX17, the perfect notebooks for dedicated gamers that require mobility coupled with high performance and multimedia capability.
Alienware is today established as one of the de facto sub-brands in gaming technology and the MX17x does not disappoint.  Built for extreme performance, it incorporatesCore Extreme Overlocked processor, dual GTX 280 graphics and 8Gb DDR3 RAM.
"Gamers will also find the 17 inch screen also provides ample visualisation. The Dell Alienware is undoubtedly a superior machine and provides all the gaming processing and everything and more you'd come to expect from such a well-known name in the gaming industry," comments Mandy Porter, Dell Business Unit Manager at Drive Control Corporation (DCC).
Alternatively, the Dell Studio 17 is a customisable 17"HD widescreen laptop with HDMI, outstanding picture quality and theatre style surround sound audio. The Dell Studio XPS 16 is the blend of power and elegance, delivering the ultimate multimedia experience along with superb performance and design.
On the topic of the multimedia and resultant visual experience, what would a gaming platform be without a great LCD?  The new Philips 244E1 boasts an impressive 16:9 Full HD 1080p performance, combined with HDMI and DVI inputs for a superb gaming and multimedia experience.
Comments Bruce Byrne, visual communications specialist at DCC: "The Philips 244E1 incorporates a number of technologies that greatly enhances the overall visual experience and output of the monitor.  For example, the SmartContrast technology increases the contrast with excellent black level and accurate rendition of dark shades and colours resulting in bright, lifelike pictures with high contrast and vibrant display; ideal for today's cutting-edge games."
Furthermore, a native 16:9 aspect ratio means outstanding game and video display without bars at the top and bottom of the picture and without the quality loss that comes from scaling, altering an image to fit on a different screen size.
Also, TrueVision, Philips' testing and algorithm technology for monitor adjustment and fine tuning, ensuring a display performance in compliance with a standard four-times more stringent than Microsoft's Vista requirements.