Rectron, sole local distributor of the Transcend range of storage and multimedia products, has launched a new Transcend MP3 digital music player that caters not only for standard music formats, but also for FLAC (Free Lossless Audio Codec), widely regarded as the digital audiophile’s format of choice.

“Transcend’s new MP330 is one of the first MP3 players available that supports the renowned high‑quality FLAC format, as well as MP3, WMA, WMA-DRM10 (DRM protected) and WAV files,” says Werner Joubert, personal systems an storage business manager, Rectron.
“It delivers fantastic audio quality thanks to the 90db signal to noise ratio, which is very high for a portable MP3 player. It also features direct in-line recording from a supported source and a unique built-in playlist builder, which allows music playback to be tailored to match specific music tastes and styles.”
The device is targeted at music fans who need a multifunction device that fits into their lifestyle; besides a high-quality MP3 player, Transcend MP330 doubles up as a very compact standard USB 2.0 flash drive in capacities of 2 GB, 4GB and 8GB.
“Getting music onto the device is as simple as plugging in, dragging and dropping,” Joubert says.
Also noteworthy, he adds, is the large and clear OLED display, which makes it easy to see what song is playing, at any angle, even in broad daylight.
“Other devices in this class or price range don’t even feature a display,” he added. “Better value for money will be very hard to find.”
Other value-added features include:
* Line-in functionality, which allows the Transcend MP330 to record music from an external source such as a CD player;
*  A-B repeat;
*  Variable track playback speeds;
*  Advanced voice recorder;
* FM radio;
* Sing-along synchronised lyrics display with support for 14 different languages; and
* Sports clip for active users at the gym or out for a run.
All of the MP330’s functions can easily be accessed via its specially designed intuitive interface and navigation buttons.
Measuring a compact 83mm by 25.5mm by 11.5mm and weighing in at less than 25g, the new MP330 is available now from Rectron and its dealer network with a two-year limited warranty.