Undersea cable and ADSL netwok problems meant South African users were unable to connect to the outside world this morning.

The two network issues meant that users attempting to connect with sites or hosted servers in the US or Europe received patchy connectivity when it was working at all.
As at about 9:40, an unknown cause was cited for no connectivity on the international business DSL satellite.
This came hot on the heels of Telkom experiencing a loss of connectivity on the SAT-3 cable along the African west coast.
This resulted in packet loss and increased latency for users on the international MPLS network, while many had no international connectivity at all.
At the time of writing, Telkom had advised that SAT-3 traffic was on a restoration path, warning there would be increased latency on the MPLS network and international access until the primary path could be repaired. Repairs were in the hands of upstream service providers. International business DSL satellite was also up and running on a restoration path.