Adobe has thrown down the gauntlet, saying its Flash player will be able to run on Apple's new iPad just as soon as the Apple opens up to the idea.

Writing in his blog, chief technology officer Kevin Lynch says: "Some have been surprised at the lack of inclusion of Flash Player on a recent magical device.
"Ironically, Flash was originally designed for pen computing tablets, about 15 years before that market was ready to take off. Flash exists now only due to its finding an alternate route in its use — first filling a niche on the Web by enabling low-bandwidth vector graphics in the early days and then rapidly adding new capabilities over the past decade. That includes bringing animation, streaming audio, rich interactivity, arbitrary fonts, two-way audio/video communication, local storage, and enabling the video revolution on the Web.
He adds that over 85% of the top web sites, containing Flash content and Flash, run on over 98% of computers on the Web. IN addition, it is used for the majority of casual games, video, and animation on the Web.
"Now we are at an important crux for the future of Flash," LYnch writes. "A wide variety of devices beyond personal computers are arriving, many of which will be used to browse the Web, making it increasingly challenging to deliver what creators and users of content and applications have come to expect of Flash on personal computers — seamless, consistent and rich experiences
"We are now on the verge of delivering Flash Player 10.1 for smartphones with all but one of the top manufacturers."
Flash will be abailable, he says, for Google's Android, RIM's Blackberry, Nokia, Palm Pre and many others.
"So, what about Flash running on Apple devices? We have shown that Flash technology is starting to work on these devices today by enabling standalone applications for the iPhone to be built on Flash. In fact, some of these apps are already available in the Apple App Store such as FickleBlox and Chroma Circuit. This same solution will work on the iPad as well.
"We are ready to enable Flash in the browser on these devices if and when Apple chooses to allow that for its users, but to date we have not had the required cooperation from Apple to make this happen."