The pace and success of human resource development is arguably the most critical force of change within corporate South Africa today.

This is the view of James McKerrell, chief executive, CRS Technologies South Africa, a member of the Centric Holdings , who says the modern HR development solution is designed to enhance information share and management within organisations. It is this ability that will differentiate growing organisations within the current marketplace.
“With human resources becoming a major influence behind all successful, growing businesses, the need for a system to be the driving force has become more evident. Our view is that human resource modules should cater for recording and managing of all human resource related information. Each module shares the data in the base module to complete the integrated human resource management cycle,” McKerrell explains.
As an established operator within what is emerging as one of the fastest growing and most competitive sectors, CRS Technologies continues to endorse its message to the market that human resources can best be leveraged by adopting a phased approach and engaging with consultants that offer more than just solutions.
“Consultancy is becoming entrenched within the domestic human resources market,” McKerrell continues. “As with any services-orientated space – especially one that demonstrates consistent growth and vast opportunity, the human resource arena is very attractive for service providers. Businesses need to exercise caution in which service providers they partner with to support processes and procedures, to offer and support technology investment and application.”
Any credible consultancy should involve a range of services that are grouped to provide a holistic and effective platform to meet all HR related requirements says McKerrell.
These services include job evaluation, salary and pay structures, benchmarking HR policies to current changes in the market, staff training and advice on automatic HR processes.
“A close inspection of what a consultancy division should provide will highlight a number of key areas that affect local business development,” adds McKerrell. “Skills development, information and communication technology literacy and policy application or enforcement are considered to be the main areas of activity within the market.”