As part of an outsourcing deal, technology solutions and people resources integrator, Intuate Group, has developed and implemented a comprehensive performance management and business analytics solution at leading clothing, footwear and textiles retailing group Edcon.

After 15 months of operations, the solution has delivered an exceptional return for the Edcon Group.
"IT can certainly become a revenue earner as opposed to merely remaining a tool to make operations more efficient," states Mark van Rensburg, executive: managed services of Intuate Group. In the case of Edcon, Intuate Group's solution addressed challenges faced by the organisation around the auditing of a specific revenue portion within one of its product channels. Prior to the project kickoff, Edcon had to rely entirely on suppliers for remittance advice, a problem that was exacerbated by the size of the channel – a small percentage mistake would result in a major difference to the bottom line.
"Edcon's existing ERP system didn't offer a standard module to address this issue and the company was struggling to find a bespoke way of enhancing the system to find a suitable resolution," explains Van Rensburg.
"Aside from Intuate Group's domain knowledge in the industry, we also already held relationships with Edcon's channel suppliers, enabling us to work closely together with all parties and develop a fitting solution."
Van Rensburg believes that the success of its collaborative approach was mainly due to the fact that the company took a long-term view on the engagement and was confident that its proposed service had a real and deterministic return on investment. In fact, to prove this, Intuate Group took on the business at risk and didn't charge until the solution started to show value," he adds.
As a full outsourcing partner, Intuate Group hosts, operates, develops and performs all activities and improvements on the system, including the hardware and software. The company has created a safe and secure environment and is facilitating the exchange of data between Edcon and its suppliers as well as between the channel and other internal divisions.
Intuate Group's consultants form part of the planning committees and analysts and business developers have been placed on site to run well-defined projects.
Says a senior executive for the Edcon Group: "Our relationship with Intuate Group is an example of a most successful outsourcing partnership. Intuate Group's know-how is impressive and we are especially pleased with the results that have been achieved so far."
With the project moving into a mature phase, Intuate Group is facilitating processes, ensuring that there are no single man dependencies and training client resources to use the system independently in the future.
"Part of our unique approach and what contributes to the strength of our model is that we don't lock our clients into an engagement model that might become less cost effective over time. In fact, we give them the option to move from full outsourcing to become less dependent on us and eventually self-sufficient," says Van Rensburg.
Edcon and Intuate Group are currently negotiating extended engagements.