Vodacom Tanzania prepaid subscribers can now enjoy the same promotional campaigns and value-added services as their postpaid counterparts, and vice versa, without compromising on the convenience of their payment style.

The country’s leading communications service provider is upgrading to Nokia Siemens Networks’ unified charging and billing solution – a single modular system serving prepaid, postpaid and hybrid subscribers alike that enables a personalized customer service approach through a suite of flexible, convergent services.
“Tanzania holds all the characteristics of a growing mobile market – a predominantly prepaid subscriber base that is cash-driven and typically generates low revenues per user,” says Dietlof Mare, MD of Vodacom Tanzania.
“Staying competitive demands delivering new features and services to this growing segment. The Nokia Siemens Networks solution will enable us to do just that – broadening usage across businesses, families and communities.”
Nokia Siemens Networks will deploy its solution – based on the “charge@once unified” software – that allows predefined marketing scenarios to be activated on demand. This ready-to-deploy delivery framework enables Vodacom to access and analyze current market segments, choose the appropriate features to attract additional subscribers and usage, improve time to market for new services and, most importantly, increase subscriber loyalty.
Vodacom plans to leverage the software to promote convergent services for the high-end corporate segment. These customers will be able to post-pay their employees’ usage during business hours, while the employees continue to maintain a prepaid connection at other times. The convenience of such offerings will allow Vodacom to personalize its customers’ service experience, while exploring new revenue opportunities.
“Innovative, convergent offerings will widen the choice for the subscriber, increasing usage and customer satisfaction and reducing churn,” says Deon Geyser, head of Vodacom Tanzania customer team at Nokia Siemens Networks. “What’s more – this approach keeps costs in check and improves time to market for new services.”