ICT is a critical enabler of the low-carbon economy. This is according to the IDC’s recent ICT Sustainability Index, released in Copenhagen late last year. The report, sponsored by Intel, Fujitsu, Hitachi, HP and Schneider Electric, revealed that IT can dramatically reduce carbon emissions by up to 25%.

 Videsha Proothveerajh, country manager of Intel South Africa, comments: “The report released by the IDC quantifies ICT’s role in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and how technology can assist the G20 countries in meeting their carbon targets.”
According to the IDC ICT Sustainability Index, South Africa is currently ranked 19th among the G20 countries.
“The responsibility to mitigate climate change lies with all of us,” says Proothveerajh. “At Intel we do believe governments need to implement policies that stimulate and unleash the full potential of Innovation to tackle climate change.
“It is time to facilitate the development and uptake of smart technologies to ensure the efficiencies offered by IT can be realised."