As the South African economy painfully emerges from its first recession in 17 years, industry pundits believe the IT market will also start recovering during 2010 – although at a slow pace.

Karen Geldenhuys, MD of ICT-focused recruitment agency, Abacus Recruitment, says that the global recession had a huge impact on the IT market during 2009, with IDC indicating that worldwide IT spending might have been cut in half.
“All the indicators are that there will be a slow recovery in 2010," says Geldenhuys. "The IT spend in Africa is about $21-billion a year, of which 11,5% comes from South Africa."
IDC believes that the sharing of best practices between IT leaders, business executives and expert analysts will be necessary for the industry to move forward.
“We did see the IT recruitment market starting to recover during the third and fourth quarter last year, but this was off what appeared to be really bad first six months. We expect a steady up-tick, however, during 2010. This upturn will translate into increased job vacancies for both full time workers and for contractors,” said Geldenhuys.
“But, while we will see an upturn, I don’t think there will be much job-hopping during the next six months as IT workers hold on to their jobs."