The number of South Africans emplyed showed a slight uptick in the fourth quarter of 2009, although the number of jobs over the full year declined significantly.

According to the Quarterly Labour Force Survey (QLFS) released by Statistics SA, employment increased significantly by 89 000 between Q3:2009 and Q4:2009. However, compared to Q4:2008, there was an annual decrease of 6,3% – or 870 000 – in employment; an increase of 292 000 in the number of unemployed persons; and an increase of 947 000 in the number of persons who are not economically active – 518 000 being discouraged work-seekers.
During the quarter, most  of  the  job  gains  were  in  finance,  which  accounted  for  77 000  of  the  jobs  gains,  followed  by construction (28 000) and trade (21 000). Job losses were experienced in agriculture (38 000) and private households (31 000).
The year-on-year comparisons show that job losses were experienced in all industries except finance, which gained 123 00 jobs, and utilities, which gained 12 000. Trade accounted for 291 000 of the job losses, followed by manufacturing (202 000), private households (163 000) and agriculture (149 000).