Computer Corporation management has stressed that it is business as usual for one of the country's largest independent retailers, despite the application for provisional liquidation by its main procurement arm Care Business Solutions which trades as CBS Distribution.

CBS Distribution's filing for provisional liquidation last Friday sent shockwaves through the local IT distribution channel as the company did business worth millions of rands with almost every major distributor.
Piet van Rensburg (Sr), director of CBS Distribution and director of franchising at Computer Corporation, says the two companies are completely separate entities and insists that the liquidation of CBS Distribution will not affect the operations of Computer Corporation.
"CBS Distribution is a normal distributor that delivers to customers such as government and companies such as Edcon and Computer Corporation," Van Rensburg says. "CBS Distribution has filed for liquidation. Computer Corporation has not filed for liquidation."
Van Rensburg adds that all CBS creditors will be paid.
"Payment for the vendors is in place with Credit Guarantee," he says. "And, according to our accountants, there is no fear that Credit Guarantee will lose money at the end of the day as the debtors [book] should cover the creditors."
Van Rensburg says that Computer Corporation will still open its superstore in Fourways.
"The superstore is an important project for us," he says. "Contracts have been signed and products are lined up. We're moving forward with that."
An official statement is expected to be released by CBS Distribution later this afternoon.