Demand Data has launched an online server backup solution designed to eliminate the unreliability and tedium associated with conventional backup subsystems.

Dubbed SnapStream, the service provides both on-site and off-site storage for critical data facilitating fast recovery from a remote ‘vault’ in the event of a disaster resulting in data loss.
According to John Hope-Bailie, technical director of Demand Data, research shows that conventional backup methods using tape media fail to recover sufficient data for a full restore in around 50% of catastrophic data loss scenarios.
“More significantly, most companies do not have adequate off-site protection for their server data in the event of a disaster,” he says.
SnapStream seamlessly integrates online server backup, offsite storage, archiving and recovery into one tape-free solution that allows for 100% recovery. Saved data is backed up every 15 minutes, 24 hours-a-day, ensuring that it’s always up to date. And it’s then streamed to an off-site redundant data centre administered by Iron Mountain – a world leader in information management services – to warrant its long term security.
A key feature of SnapStream is its ability to instantly recover data at the point of failure, eliminating downtime and data loss from relying on a previous night's backup. A web interface allows restores to be initiated online from any Internet browser, anywhere.
Hope-Bailie adds that tape-free backup and recovery means no hardware or software purchases are necessary, while the fully-automated process requires little employee time or resources.
“SnapStream allows organisations to lower their data protection costs while freeing IT resources for other tasks,” he adds.