Spescom has bolstered its strategy of building on its managed service capability, adding an Extreme Networks Gold Partnership to its armamentarium in this space.

"The Ethernet switching market is a competitive one, and Extreme's offering allows Spescom DataFusion to deliver significant cost savings to the SA market with its high performance, high availability Ethernet switching solutions" says Paul Fick, MD of Spescom DataFusion.
The partnership further positions Spescom DataFusion to confidently provide its enterprise customer base with high capacity, flexible, cost effective and – an increasingly important factor – 'green' network technologies that enable truly converged, fast and efficient communication platforms.
Says Fick: "Extreme Networks' solutions fit very well with the services provided by Spescom DataFusion. We have for over 20 years provided our customers with contact centre and enterprise telephony solutions and have expanded our service offering over recent years to include managed services. The success of our service offering is dependent on the quality of our solutions and for this we not only rely on our deep industry expertise and a strong resource base, but also on being able to provide world-class technologies.
"Truly converged networks that carry voice, video, data and wireless traffic are fast becoming a business imperative. Additionally, in a business environment where every second counts, application availability and network reliability are critical components for success. Products from Extreme Networks scale to solve tough voice and security challenges with high availability, crystal clarity, and integrated security features. Its powerful product portfolio supports everything from basic connectivity to advanced, high-speed services for demanding desktop applications.
Says Aziz Alaali, Extreme Networks regional director for Middle East and Africa: "Spescom DataFusion's commitment and momentum since joining the Extreme Networks EMEA Channel program, its technical expertise and emphasis on delivering customer value and superior customer service make it a great fit as our newest Gold Partner. We look forward to an even brighter future with Spescom Data Fusion as we address key accounts within finance, emergency services and government."
Says Fick: "The performance of the telephony and data networks of our customers directly impacts their business performance. As the implementation of converged IP networks and Voice over IP (VoIP) become increasingly essential to achieving efficiencies, the high performance and high availability Ethernet switching solutions of Extreme Networks can offer an advantage, delivering not only the necessary insight and control but other unique benefits."
Extreme Networks ascribes to the 'Ethernet everywhere' philosophy, driving the development of innovative Ethernet solutions – from core, aggregation and edge switching solutions to port extenders for easy scaling of the network, wired and wireless secure LANs, data centre infrastructure and Service Provider Ethernet transport solutions. The company was among the first to introduce Gigabit Ethernet products that were tested at full wire-speed with zero packet loss; offer patented network level resiliency protocols for IP/Ethernet networks; and deliver a truly modular switching operating system for enterprises and metro service providers.
"Extreme Networks' focus on Ethernet solutions has resulted in a mature offering that is not only significantly less expensive than competing tier one brands but delivers Ethernet Automatic Protection Switching (EAPS) failover in milliseconds, ensuring no part of a transaction is ever 'lost'," says Fick.
"In addition, these products have in-built 'green' features. Switches are based on a Linux Operating System which allows users to turn off the power to phones at specific times, e.g., from 8pm to 7am. This delivers a one-third saving in electricity consumption."
The product range is built to last 20 years rather than the five years common to other products, so better protecting the investment of the user.
And with more switches per rack, users also benefit from more speed between the network and device. Extreme Networks' operating system provides flexibility for various network designs through an extensive set of Layer 2 and Layer 3 resiliency protocols, including Extreme Networks EAPS sub-50 millisecond failover capable resiliency protocol. Security capabilities include Network Login, a powerful network access authentication framework with MAC-, web- and 802.1x-based authentication methods, integrated with host integrity checking solutions.
Furthermore, the Extreme OS allows the user to stack different types of network switches together. Says Fick: "Extreme XOS, the next generation modular network operating system from Extreme Networks, embraces an architecture delivering higher availability and ease of integration of third-party applications when contrasted with the closed, monolithic network operating systems that are limited by their inflexibility and inability to adapt to change."