Swicon360 has won a high profile tender, issued by Great Basin Gold, to provide and implement a Time & Attendance/ Access Control system, including integration into the existing SAP HCM system.

Great Basin Gold is an international mining company. It has advanced stage developed projects with Hollister on the Carlin Trend in Nevada and Burnstone in the Witwatersrand Basin.
The multi-phase project will immediately see to project pre-requisites including a proven integration of the T&A/ Access Control system into the SAP environment.
This was stipulated as a primary objective in order to lower data risks, maintain data integrity, increase efficiency and reduce cost of maintenance at the company’s Burnstone site.
Swicon360’s proven track record in SAP infrastructure development and application, along with expertise in solution integration in this environment, assisted in Swicon360 being selected as the vendor of choice.
Following strategic planning sessions at Great Basin Gold’s Sandton offices to quantify the full aspects of the two phases of the project, representatives from Swicon360 tabled a solution and integration proposal.
“We were able to present a fully integrated Kaba solution with its core B-COMM ERP for SAP engine and a fully biometric identification solution,” explains Guenter Nerlich, executive director at Swicon360. “This solution is a one-stop solution that replaces the earlier proposed Kaba exos system with card support.”
In terms of technology Nerlich points out that the Kaba solution, backed by Swicon360 expertise and understanding of the market, represents the most effective platform to meet deliverables.
Technically Great Basin Gold required secure, encrypted data collection, a reader hardware to operate and store relevant time data when cut off from the server/network; as well as readers to continue checking access rights in case of server/network failure.
Furthermore, any proposed solution had to be scalable as far as infrastructure, various sites, future expansion and functionality, future integration into alarm management system, is concerned.  
The benefits of this solution include lower software costs because of the concentration on T&A aspects and the abdication of any card related components (card production, badge management etc.); and Kaba is a SAP certified solution partner in the field of T&A and Access Control.
“Great Basin Gold appointed Swicon360 as its preferred supplier for the T&A implementation. Great Basin Gold was looking for a T&A implementation that would fully integrate with its ERP system (SAP) and the Kaba solution provided this. We were also looking to step away from the card clocking process and opted to go full biometric, Kaba has a proven history of successful implementations across the world which justified our decision to go for the solution,” says Steven Jacobs, Group IT manager at Great Basin Gold.
Additional positives for Great Basin Gold include the fact that Kaba is one of the global leaders in T&A and access control and offers industry-proven solutions.
“These solutions are also scalable and flexible. The fit between ourselves, the Kaba system and our client’s objectives could not be better, it is a synergistic combination that will empower Great Basin Gold and add substantial value to the marketplace,” adds Nerlich.
Management at Swicon360 view this project as a milestone in the development and continued influence of the company into emerging business and service to critical sectors.