Switch Telecom, an independent telecom service provider, is catering for increased demand for its services by investing in more switching centre capacity and moving to larger head-office premises.

The company saw the number of lines it supports as well as call volumes more than quadruple during 2009. The new node that the company has added to the network – an additional switching centre hosted in Rosebank, Johannesburg – has multiplied its available voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) capacity by a factor of five.
With three switching centres in place, Switch now has capacity to cater for anticipated strong growth into the future. The company is also moving to a bigger head-office in Woodmead to accomodate its growing staff requirements.
"Over the past two years, the VoIP market has really come into its own and we have seen more and more businesses of all sizes migrate to IP-based voice services," says Gregory Massel, MD of Switch Telecom. "We are determined to keep driving this market by offering our customers quality solutions and affordable tariffs, and have prepared ourselves for yet another year of robust growth."
Massel says Switch Telecom is now able to offer customers most of the services and benefits associated with traditional fixed lines, in addition to the lower costs and value-added services of a VoIP network. For example, Switch Telecom can provide them with geographic number ranges in a growing range of the country's major centres. "We are also aggressive about passing on cost-savings to our customers when our costs fall, for example, as a result of lower interconnect fees."
As a result, an increasing number of clients are taking up VoIP services as a complete replacement for traditional fixed-line telephony services. Switch Telecom last year introduced its first geographical number prefixes for its clients in 2009. It was one of the first VOIP operators to receive geographic number allocations from the Independent Communications Authority of SA. It offers customers in Johannesburg (010), Cape Town (021), Durban (031) and Pretoria (012) geographic numbers
The company has now also secured geographic prefixes for the following regions: Nelspruit/Witbank (013), Three Rivers/Vereeniging (016), Port Elizabeth (041), George (044) and Bloemfontein (051).