The Olympic Winter Games kicked off this weekend. In addition to the traditional results and the gold medal listings, a new, free application has been developed to help give winter sporting enthusiasts a single stop for information that puts the two weeks into perspective.

Sports fans can analyse the results according to their points of interest:
* Alternative medal rankings, not only gold, but also on totals medals, weighted medals and corrected medals by individual or team;
* Medal count analysed by a country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and population;
*  With historical data, all the medals ever won from the start of the Winter Olympics can be quickly analysed by athlete, sport, country, Winter Olympics edition, age and so on; and
* Geographical presentation of the performance data using a direct plug-in with Google Maps.
The application was developed using QlikView, a leading business intelligence software.  QlikView leverages data provided by Infostrada Sports to give fans and professionals more insight on the skiing or skating power of each country and who is truly a powerhouse in snowboarding.  Depending on the point of interest, any number of analyses can be done for example based on the country’s size and population.
Infostrada Sports, a company with world-wide sports information, services and products, have worked together with QlikView to convert statistical sport data into valuable information usable by fans and any individual interested in sports.  These include organisations such as National Olympic committees, sports associations and sponsors.  By using such applications, identifying potential investment in a sport is made easier to identify, substantiate and follow.
Philip Hennemann, founder and CEO of Infostrada Sports, said, "We wanted to take the data that we have to a new level, so that we could provide our clients and the many sports fans around the world, with meaningful information that went beyond simple statistics. The data from our database is rich and full, but does not have any unique analysis capabilities. We were pleasantly surprised how quickly this could come into realisation with QlikView. Within a few days of application development, we had a completely different view of our Winter Olympics data. It was spectacular how quickly QlikView was able to make this happen."