KSS Technologies announced its results for the past financial year. The company performed above expectation with an economy that was under siege, recording a revenue increase of 4,2%, a gross profit increase of 14% and NPBIT of 28%.

During 2009, KSS Technologies consolidated its shares and it increased its BEE shareholding to more than 60%.
KSS Technologies chairman Ntsundeni Madzunya says, going forward, KSS needs to address three major challenges. “We need to decrease our dependence on fewer customers by growing the product sales and similarly our annuity revenues. More importantly, we need to continue our BEE programmes.
“I am also proud to announce that KSS has, for the second time in six months, received Cisco Channel Customer Satisfaction Excellence Award, the highest distinction a partner can achieve within the Cisco Channel Partner Program. More importantly, we are one of only five partners in South Africa who currently have achieved this level of rating. This certification is a result of our passionate approach to customer satisfaction,” he adds.
Looking forward, Madzunya says 2010 is a very exciting year for South Africa with the FIFA World Cup.
“This event will have both a positive and negative impact on business in general. Although we will ultimately benefit from a stronger economy, during the event there will be very few key decision makers behind their desks. This will result in a delay in business decision making but will allow us to build relationships with our customers, old and new.”