Tarsus Technologies has announced the local availability of Samsung’s new range of LFD (large format display) monitors, which are set to meet the needs of businesses and the hospitality sector as the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010 draws closer.

Levina de Matos, Samsung product manager for Tarsus says businesses are constantly looking for smarter and more cost-effective ways to catch the consumer’s eye and disseminate information.
“The solution,” she says, “lies with our new line of stylishly designed LFDs, which are sure to help them reach their core audience.
“Samsung’s LFD monitors all come with Dual Core CPU processors and as such, don’t require the installation of a separate PC and accompanying network configuration. Samsung’s MagicInfo software allows the user to remotely control a wide variety of functions, while built-in intelligence alerts the user if the display is not working properly,” she adds.
Apart from being utilised as a single large display mechanism, de Matos points out that Samsung’s entire range of LFDs allows the user to create eye-catching 5m x 6m video walls perfect for larger-than-life viewing of major sporting events.
“The MX/MXn/FX/FXn series are cost-effective, and provide a best-in-class solution that’s flexible, has full HD resolution, anti-reflection treatment, is MagicInfo compatible and is suited to display a wide range of information,” she says
“The CX/CXn series on the other hand, is created specifically for situations that require professional-grade display with a consumer look and feel. This series also has built-in stereo speakers.
“Aiming for higher quality, the PDP series is a plasma discharge display line that enhances the user’s viewing experience through realistic picture quality, at an affordable price,” de Matos says.
“And bringing a more engaging experience into the mix, Samsung’s TSn series is an all-in-one interactive touch display that makes usability simple and fast, while providing for a safe environment within the protective glass panel,” de Matos continues.
Something that’s sure to be a hit during the coming year, she says, is the Samsung Outdoor range, which is well suited to outdoor hospitality venues.
de Matos assures that the housing is both dust- and water-resistant and contains an air-conditioning unit to protect the display from the elements.
“This display solution has high-brightness, is built for durability and has multiple anti-vandalism features,” she says.
“Another firm favourite with the retail sector is the Samsung Window Display, which has a built-in system cooling technology and cross-flow fans, that allow the user to place this unit in warm environments, including direct sunlight,” de Matos says. “The new range of LFDs has every possible avenue covered."
The LFD value proposition is about more than just the display technologies, however. de Matos says that Samsung’s UD (Ultra Definition) software is an important element of the LFD ecosystem, since it allows for the creation of video walls of up to 250 displays.
“And with real-time interactive control, you can manage up to 125 different sources from a single PC,” she says.
“The Samsung SBB Network is yet another important element of the ecosystem, since it’s an amazingly slim PC which allows for the networking of MX, CX, FX and PDP series displays. By making use of one of these devices a user can control what’s being displayed on their LFDs, and they can do so remotely with Samsung’s MagicInfo software.
“With so much to offer, we’re confident, that these Large Format Displays will be just the ticket for the hospitality sector during the FIFA World Cup 2010 and beyond,” de Matos concludes.