Western Digital (WD), together with official local distributor, Drive Control Corporation (DCC) reconfirmed their commitment to expanding business in South Africa with a recent national road show, in Johannesburg, Gauteng, Durban & Cape Town, which served as "roadmap" for the coming months.

WD's recently appointed sales manager for Benelux and South Africa, Barber Brinkman, hosted the important event, not only providing channel partners with important information – on the company's vision and strategy for the region in the coming months – but also informally chatting to resellers to gain more insight into the country's own market requirements.
Says Brinkman: "Western Digital regards the South African market as a key growth area and as a result we believe building our brand is critical to the success of both our business and that of our partners.  2010 is going to be significant year in terms of product development and our focus on environmentally-friendly solutions that deliver significant energy savings to businesses across the globe."
Brinkman also provided detailed information on the various offerings from Western Digital which included internal and external storage hard drives as well as home entertainment products.
Key highlights included WD Caviar Green internal drives which now feature Advance Format, a technology that essentially allows hard drives to take advantage of the capabilities of newer operating systems (OSs).   It enables more data to be written into the same available space on the hard drive.
"The newly incorporated Advanced Format technology will optimise the capabilities of WD Caviar Green drives even further as it is expected to boost storage capacity by as much as 11%.  Coupled with the drives' average power saving of 4-5 watts over a standard desktop, it will now be possible to build system capacities with the right balance of system performance, ensured reliability, and energy conservation," comments Manivassen Naicker, WD product specialist at DCC.
The WD Caviar Green drives' power saving equates to a reduction of 13.8 kilograms of CO2, equivalent to taking a car off the road for 3 days each year.
Brinkman also discussed a range of new features incorporated into some of the new external drive line-up which includes WD SmartWare backup software – a visual control centre for backup, file restoration and security. E-Label which enables the user to create a custom label, which remains visible even when the drive is switched off.256-bit hardware encryption which provides crucial security protection for the users external drive. A USB Dock now available for convenient connection of a My PassportT external drive to a PC or laptop.
"Our new external drives are underscored by the three Ss – smarter, sleeker and safer, which believe is a strong and exciting foundation to work from in the coming year," comments Brinkman.
The roadmap for home entertainment also remains a clear and important one and according to Brinkman, Western Digital continues to invest considerable R&D in the enhancement and development of its players.
The WD TV HD Media player offers full-HD 1080p resolution providing support for a very large range of formats, DTS 2.0 digital audio and  can be connected to any USB 2.0 storage device to enable playback of stored photographs, music and videos.