Informatica has announced the beta version of the Informatica Marketplace for a community of buyers and sellers to share and leverage data integration solutions.

Building on the company's community of more than 52 000 developers on TechNet and over 400 partners, the Informatica Marketplace will offer solutions for seven technology categories including: enterprise data integration, data quality, B2B data exchange, application information lifecycle management, complex event processing, cloud data integration and master data management.
Once the Informatica Marketplace is open for business, it will provide a central location for the community members to contribute mappings, applets, connectors, templates, dictionaries, vertical solutions and more.
Buyers and sellers will have an open marketplace for a broad range of data integration components and solutions. Buyers will be able to conveniently find and purchase from a choice of solutions offered by the community. Sellers will develop and market innovative components and solutions for the installed customer base.
The combination of the Informatica Platform and the unified technology from third parties in the Marketplace will benefit all participants.
"Customers have been asking Informatica to take a leadership role as the stewards for the first and only comprehensive data integration marketplace," says Tony Young, CIO of Informatica. "There are other niche communities in the market, but no one has the broad technology platform and unified architecture that Informatica has delivered for many years. Informatica is taking the next step to empower an open and collaborative community to deliver even more value with new unified data integration solutions."
"Creating marketplaces between software vendors and developers and partners is critical to success in the software market. Informatica has taken an important step by investing in community development. This will be critical as the company continues to advance cloud computing, specifically building on their data integration for the cloud," says Judith Hurwitz, president and CEO of Hurwitz & Associates.
With the launch of Informatica Marketplace for data integration, Informatica is building on the established Cloud Integration community. The Cloud Community complements Informatica Cloud 9, a comprehensive platform for cloud data integration. Informatica Cloud 9 Platform enables developers to build, share, reuse and run custom data integration and data quality mappings in the cloud.