With Eskom price hikes looming again and household electricity bills likely to rise by at least 25%, Teljoy Solar has introduced a new initiative to help homeowners can install solar water heating systems and save between 30% and 50% of their electricity bill.

Recognising that the rebates offered by Eskom are difficult to access, Teljoy Solar has decided to eliminate the hassle and will guarantee the rebate which it will deduct from the purchase price of all Eskom approved solar water heating systems installed by Teljoy.
As an extension of its Green Credit scheme, Teljoy’s new offering enables homeowners to acquire the solar system with no deposit and low monthly payments which should be offset against the saving in the cost of electricity.  Effectively, the solar water heating system could pay for itself with no capital outlay.
The offering starts R313.00 per month over a 48-month period with no deposit.
Teljoy Solar was started by Theo Rutstein, who comments: “Teljoy’s credo is to provide reliable, affordable lifestyle for all South Africans. With this initiative, Teljoy is putting its money where its mouth is to help homeowners save electricity usage which will also reduce pressure on the Eskom grid and alleviate possible electrical outages. Also vital is that, by changing to solar, consumers directly help reduce the country’s carbon footprint.”
Rutstein acknowledges that Eskom has promoted the idea of solar systems and offers significant rebates.  However, despite considerable spend on promoting the concept, very few consumers have taken advantage of the subsidies, because of onerous and complicated requirements. Teljoy will assume responsibility for obtaining the rebate and deducting the amount upfront from the customer's bill.