As companies continue to review their management strategies in light of global economic pressure and the rise of opportunities in expanding marketplaces, the profile of skills that are shaping ICT is rapidly changing.

Teryl Schroenn, CEO at Accsys believes that the most significant development in human resources and recruitment in ICT is the advancement of women into all areas of the sector.
"The fact that the industry has woken up to this development is evident by the certain, albeit phased, increase in availability and recruitment of skilled female ICT practitioners," says Schroenn.
This is a positive development, she adds. “It demonstrates that the sector has reached a level of maturity and it also expands South Africa’s skills pool, in terms of quality and volume. This bodes well for the future.”
“Businesses have become increasingly aware of the fact that women are suited to any position within information technology that appeals to them and they are passionate about.   We have women technicians as well as programmers, business developers, service consultants, and managers. Being able to wield a screwdriver is not beyond the ability of women, it is simply a matter of training and practice,” Schroenn adds.
“Many successful information technology people come from an engineering background – not traditionally a degree of choice for women. There are so many different career options underpinned by on-the-job skills development and training, that original degree choice should not limit the opportunity to advance.
"It is true that the logical brain that succeeds in maths, science and engineering is suited for information technology, but so too is the analytical brain that can ‘dissect’ a poem or understand complex literature and legalese."