Sole brand representative and distribution partner for OKI printing solutions in South Africa, Printacom has announced that version four of OKI’s Template Manager Software is due for release at the end of February 2010.

Printacom MD Neil Rom explains: “Template manager is a big part of OKI’s value proposition since it assists customers to print office-type documents, that they would normally outsource to a third party, on-demand using their own OKI printer, saving substantially costs and time.
"This functionality coupled with specialised media and OKI printers’ ability to print documents up to A3 oversize and banners of up to 1200mm x 328mm in size and inherent support for barcode and variable data printing means OKI’s offering stands out against what’s on offer in the industry at large,” he adds.
Notable features that set the new version of Template Manager apart from competitive offerings include the ability take data from a CSV file and merge to any template using a convenient drag and drop interface, the ability to automatically produce address labels from a CSV file and built-in support for duplex and multi page documents.
“The new version of the software also allows for variable or fixed data from a file to be imported and automatically printed as a barcode,” Rom says, “substantially simplifying workflow for a number of industries.
“Weighing up all of the advantages, it’s clear that OKI’s Template Manager solution is the only one that boasts with this level of simplicity, this wide a variety of inputs, this seamless level of variable data printing support and is applicable to the SME sector.
“And with OKI’s entire range of pre-creased, perforated and custom cut stock available in South Africa, it’s never been easier for a company to create its own business cards, banners, address labels, CD/DVD labels, company profiles and many other office documents that were previously outsourced, as well as other printing jobs that involve variable data,” Rom adds.
“Since Template Manager comes as a free feature of every OKI printer purchase, it’s something we believe will be a strong differentiator."