YUM International, owners of the Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) franchise brand, has added spice to its digital data management and virtual communication channels in South Africa with a Syncrony-developed central data clearing service. Syncrony is a Gauteng-based provider of Web design and content management services.

During 2009 Syncrony implemented an Online Sales Data Collection and Verification System. The system is now fully live and manages information and records logged and submitted by approximately six hundred KFC restaurants, both domestically and in neighbouring countries.
Howard Rybko, director at Syncrony, says the system effectively handles all sales figures on a weekly basis. Each franchise logs in, sends and then uploads sales files in Microsoft EXCEL format.
“Our system then carefully inspects each file, applying and testing various business rules to ensure that the validity of the sales data in each file. We also check for duplicate submissions and do various checks to prevent the loading of invalid data. All errors are logged and files which contain data that has triggered and alert are returned to the relevant franchise with notes explaining how to correct the errors,” says Rybko.
John Hindle, IT manager at YUM Information Systems, said that Syncrony also developed a full reporting system in the backend that allows the company’s personnel to track the progress of weekly uploads.
The monitoring system tracks all uploads that are due and sends warnings to franchises concerned at specific delivery break points he adds.
“Syncrony has proven its value as an expert specialist online services partner. The ability to digital store and effectively manage and communicate data from a number of franchise outlets is absolutely essential to effective overall operation. We are very pleased with the level of service and commitment from Syncrony. Its level of expertise and market experience is unrivaled,” says Hindle.