With users still showing a strong aversion to Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system, one PC vendor is offering systems with a choice of either the new Windows 7 – or the generation-before-last Windows XP.

“While there’s undoubtedly a more positive outlook from our corporate and enterprise customers, the vast majority of IT directors and CIOs we’re dealing with haven’t yet made their plans for Windows 7 clear,” says Shane Krog, Acer desktop product manager at Tarsus Technologies.
“That’s the primary reason we’ve taken a two-pronged approach to the operating system we bundle with new Acer machines,” Krog continues. “And interestingly enough, Windows XP is still on the agenda."
Because of the negative response that the market is still showing to Windows Vista, Krog says that each new Acer business computer comes with a choice of Windows XP or Windows 7 Professional.
“Users are able to select the version of operating system they would like to install on the system’s first boot,” he explains.
“The best part, however, is that should they change their mind at any stage, they can simply back their data up and using Acer’s eRecovery management tool, reboot into the software provisioning feature and set it to factory restore with a different operating system.
“This substantially streamlines issues with software licensing, driver compatibility and overall ease-of-use. We also see it as a substantial value-add, and based on feedback from our business customers know it’s a vital differentiator."
Ultimately, Krog says, nobody can truly know when the switch to Windows 7 will take place properly, but in the interim Tarsus is ensuring that its customers have the convenience of choosing between the two most used operating systems on the planet.
“I personally believe that the market will be completely switched over by the middle of 2011,” he says. “And more users should strongly consider the shift – Windows 7 is a vast improvement on everything that’s come before it."