3Com Corporation has announced the H3C S9500E modular switch chassis, a new enterprise core switch optimised for enterprise core and medium-sized data centre networks.

The H3C S9500E delivers up to twice the IPv4 and up to four times the IPv6 performance of other competitive products. It also features exceptional port density to support, simplify and secure the migration to virtualised core and data centre environments. Leveraging Intelligent Resilient Framework (IRF) technology, multiple H3C S9500E switches can be linked as a single virtual switch, doubling performance and utilisation, increasing capacity, while also eliminating the need for legacy resiliency protocols and their associated complexity.
Common across the H3C data centre and enterprise LAN switching portfolio, IRF technology is used to create a Resilient Virtual Switch Fabric (RVSF) that delivers greater than “five nines” availability, flexible deployment options and unprecedented levels of networking performance, ensuring business continuity and network availability.
Additionally, IRF and RVSF reduce network complexity, providing complete and transparent network redundancy. These capabilities offer customers a powerful combination to address rapidly growing virtualised and dispersed application environments because they offer a simplified approach to network virtualisation management that is more resilient and higher performing.
Virtual environments must meet the same stringent network, security and compliance requirements as their physical counterparts. With the H3C S9500E customers will be able to extend 3Com’s Secure Network Fabric to their next-generation enterprise core and data centre networks. Combined with new TippingPoint network security offerings, 3Com is helping organisations achieve greater business continuity by reducing network security risks across the organisation while decreasing management complexity and infrastructure costs.
 “3Com’s new H3C S9500E platform was designed to address the growing demand for 10 Gigabit Ethernet connectivity and virtualisation services,” says Saar Gillai, senior vice-president: product & solutions at 3Com. “Coupled with the TippingPoint IPS and the overall total cost of ownership advantages of the H3C portfolio, 3Com offers today’s enterprises a compelling security and network infrastructure solution for virtualised networks and data centres that is unique in the industry.”