When it comes to purchasing a new business desktop PC, power, performance and efficiency are always top of mind requirements for any savvy user.

The new HP Elite desktop range, available from Drive Control Corporation (DCC), combines the latest technology in processors, operating systems, software and peripheral devices to ensure impressive performance, optimal reliability and maximum protection from malicious content.
The HP Elite 7000 Business PC is designed to be a high performance workhorse, perfect for the needs of the small business. With a mix of power performance, useful features and great flexibility, the Elite 7000 will enable small business users to get any job done quickly and efficiently.
"With the latest generation of Intel processors, the Core i7, as well as the new Intel P55 Express Chipset, the desktop incorporates the speed and capabilities of multi-core technology to maximise performance," says Anamika Budree, HP PSG Business Unit Manager at DCC. "Intelligent advanced technology means that processing power is automatically delivered where it is needed most to meet the required workload and deal with multitasking, which ensures efficiency at all times."
Security is covered with Credential Manager for HP ProtectTools, a password vault to store and protect passwords for websites, networks and applications, as well as Mozilla Firefox for HP Virtual Solutions, a preloaded virtual browser that protects the PC from malicious web content. To protect the device from physical damage and theft, the HP Chassis Lock and HP/Kensington MicroSaver Security Cable Lock are available.
"The Elite 7000 has been thoroughly tested by HP to ensure maximum reliability and durability in a powerful and efficient desktop that is ideal for small business and individual users," Budree adds.
The new HP Compaq 8000 Elite Desktop series is engineered to meet enterprise computing requirements, combined stability and security with lengthy life cycles and the best in hardware and software to ensure smooth running for years to come.
"This range, which comes in a number of form factors to fit the space constraints and specific needs of enterprise users, combines the best Intel processors, chipsets and Graphics Media Accelerator with DDR3 SDRAM memory and RAID 1 data mirroring to ensure maximum performance and productivity," states Budree.
Productivity is maximised in managed IT environments, allowing for more efficient planning, deployment and transition of PCs. Intel Core 2 processors with vPro Technology enable out-of-band management, which makes remote PS support possible without the need to have a working operating system environment. Many free value-add management tools are also available to ensure that computers are run and managed as efficiently and effectively as possible.
Energy efficient features and improved power saving technology enables lower operating costs, with the 8000 Elite meeting or exceeding many voluntary and mandatory global environmental regulations and standards.
The HP ProtectTools Security Software Suite comes standard across the range, enabling greater security of hardware, software, firmware and operating systems, and a standard embedded TPM 1.2 compliant security chip provides hardware based encryption capabilities to enhance data protection ability.
"These days, computers are not a luxury, but a necessity in the business world. The new Elite range from HP ensures that no matter what size the business, users can take advantage of enhanced productivity with the very best tool to suit their requirements," Budree concludes.  
The HP Elite 7000 Business PC and HP Compaq Elite 8000 Desktop PC series are available from DCC now.